Some questions we often hear, already answered.

When is A.C.E open?

Monday to Saturday- 10am to 4pm Closed Sundays (Winter hours may vary depending on weather conditions) 


Do I need to book?

The only way to ensure you will get a slot is to book, with as much notice as possible. Walk-in experiences are possible however there is no guarantee that we will have availability or that someone will be able to assist you with your inquiry if you walk in. Treat it like a table in a restaurant, if you want to eat, book ahead.


What time should I arrive?

It is best to arrive 10-15 minutes before your allotted experience start time. Arriving late will cut into the time allocated for your experience. Please do not arrive too early as the site is not huge and you may have to wait in your vehicle until your start time. Please research your route and read the directions sent to you on booking, do not rely on Satnav, there is a map provided.


Will my experience start on time?

The majority of experiences start on time, sometimes the schedule on the day is set back due to unforeseen circumstances. This may mean that your experience will start 5 or 10 minutes late, This will not cut into the overall length of your experience


What is included? 

The A.C.E way is to tailor each experience to the requirements and abilities of the group during their time at the Base, all experiences are fully instructed and all target sports equipment and safety equipment will be provided. 


How long does an experience last?

Typical sessions last 60-90 minutes, the minimum would be 60 minutes. The more people in your group the longer it takes as some experiences can only be ran one person at a time, certain special requirements can require additional time


Can I book a bit of everything? 

For the best experience it is recommended that you book a maximum of two experiences on any one day especially with a full family. Keep it simple. Target Sports experiences with A.C.E are in depth and trying to fit too much in can take the fun out of it and take a very long time. 


Can I come alone or join another group?

All groups pay for exclusive use of their range and instructor for their time slot so we do not mix groups up with one another. This is to ensure each group gets a bespoke experience suitable for their abilities. The minimum group size is two. One on one lessons can be arranged directly with Matt


What if the weather is bad?

This is Skye, we have shelters and fires to make it as comfortable as possible, A.C.E will only cancel if there is a safety concern with the weather on the day, not based on a forecast


Will there be a competition?

Usually yes, but the competition is not mandatory. The instructor is in charge of running the competition but not responsible for the reactions of the winners or losers


Will I be able to do it?

We cannot say whether you will be able to stick an axe or hit a clay, success rates do vary, however we can say that your instructor will do their best to release your potential with their skill and knowledge. If you ‘can’ do it you will do it at A.C.E.


Make sure you read the ‘what to expect. For each experience to see minimum ages and requirements to make sure you are picking the right experience. 


Can I bring my dog?

Yes, providing the dog is kept under control, on a lead if necessary. There are friendly Dogs on site as well as livestock and chickens and other groups so please ensure your Dog will be comfortable in that environment.


Can I bring a spectator?

Yes, one or two spectators is fine but please bare in mind the site is quite small and so is the carpark so additional cars may not be able to be accommodated


What should I wear?

Check the forecast and dress appropriately for the conditions on the day, treat a day at A.C.E Base as if you are going for a walk in the Highlands


What is going on with the age limit

The age limit is in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests and staff, groups with larger numbers of young participants and recommended to book directly via email, rather than online. The younger the group the smaller we recommend the group to be. Shooters under the minimum age can be accommodated should the circumstances be appropriate and safety can be ensured.


Is the Base disabled friendly?

The ranges can be made accessible for special requirements if we are notified in advance, we have one accessible toilet on site with a small ramp.


What if I need to cancel or change my booking?

Just get in touch with Matt, there is usually something that we can do to make it work. Please read the terms and conditions and make sure A.C.E is right for you before you make your booking.