Mission Statement

The goal of A.C.E.Academy is to introduce its members to a simpler, more self-sufficient and community orientated way of living and working, to direct and inspire those without direction, using the facilities at A.C.E. Base and the skills of its instructors and volunteers to transform the operations at the Base from purely commercial to a vital part of the community of Skye and the wider Highlands and Islands region. 

A.C.E Academy and its Highland woodland base will, at the same time as nurturing and strengthening its community and local environment, allow the community to nurture it and improve it for the future generations to enjoy and learn from. 

The Academy project aims to use outdoor education, practical workshops and the STEM subjects in a practical, safe and fun context to teach anyone who cares to learn, including the instructors and volunteers, in the open air, and inspire those to take what they have learned and apply it in their lives and their communities.

Would you like to be involved?

We are looking to recruit Learners and Volunteers for A.C.E Academy

Please contact Matt on 07880362320 or matt@ace-skye.com