We are extremely proud to work with our local community in engaging young people in nature, both at the former Paintball and Airsoft area at A.C.E Base and at Bayfield Community Woodland in Portree in partnership with Portree and Braes Community Trust SCIO


A.C.E Academy, Adventure Conservation Education, Isle of Skye
A.C.E Academy- John Muir Awards, Isle of Skye
A.C.E Academy- Adventure, Conservation, Education.

This project is an official provider of the John Muir Award


Helping young people in Skye and Lochalsh to discover and nurture wild places on their way to the discovery award before moving onto the more advanced conservation and exploration certificates. If you know of a youth group or school who may benefit from becoming more wild then get in touuvh with us via our contact page. 

At A.C.E Academy we do not claim to be Ray Mears (and certainly not Bear Grylls) but we do have the necassary training and experience to introduce the next generation to the wild spaces around them. 


This project was born at the start of the first COVID 19 lockdown when the practicalities of gathering large groups made Paintball and Airsoft games unviable and the long term health of the main business asset became a significant priority for the future. Since it began the project has proven to be of huge benefit to the health and biodiversity of A.C.E’s woodlands and a valuable educational tool for local primary school students, Win Win!


In the next few years the aim is to continue the hard work of rewilding our woods and try to bring as many people as possible along for the ride!