The day to day tales of a target sports instructor on Skye Vol 2

Matt Harrison | May 29th 2017


Every day is different in this job. One day you can be looking after a group of arse kicking (Literally mostly) seven year olds, and the next day corralling an unruly gaggle of hens so as to avoid bumping into a stag dressed as a 6ft goose. I can only imagine the chaos if those two groups had met each other!




Matt Harrison | May 14th 2017

I should really have started this wee blog a number of years ago, as it is I am six ‘seasons’ into my hebridean adventure, running outdoor adventures on The Isle of Skye. I am pottering around at the range cleaning up after one group of target sports parties and getting ready for another this afternoon, it is the middle of spring and I am bathed in magnificent sunshine, given the time of year I am also, naturally, spending a large portion of my day at work playing one man and his dog, chasing ewes and their lambs off the site through the front gate after catching the pair (of whom I have become increasingly fond!) chowing down on the Daffodils which my head gardner, also known as my mum spent a week planting, the wee nipper is extremely loveable and content with allowing mum to do all the hard work while he waits in the sun for her to turn into milk!




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