Archery on the Isle of Skye

Try your hand at this ancient art using modern recurve bows designed specifically for taster target archery. Learn the basics and soon enough you will be grouping and hitting gold. Maybe challenge your instructor to a competition at the end if you are feeling confident.

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Axe Throwing

Axe throwing on the Isle of Skye

Yes, that’s right, Axe Throwing!! Don’t be scared, you are in good hands. Try a number of different types of axe out for size in the ultimate stress reliever, learn the skills required before setting a score and seeing if your friends can beat it. Maybe even try out a trick shot or two! This is a perfect rainy day activity

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Air Rifle Shooting

Air Rifle Shooting on The Isle of Skye

A perfect setting to try out Air Rifle Shooting for the first time, or hone your existing skills at our purpose built range.
Our selection of Air Guns are all very quiet but that doesn’t mean you’re session won’t end with a bang!

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Paintball on the Isle of Skye

Paint Ball is a team based activity that involves firing marble sized capsules of water based paint at the other team.

The “Paint Balls” are fired from a Marker (gun) using compressed air, when the ball hits the target it breaks open leaving wet paint.

Working in teams, various games are played in set scenarios involving bridges, sniper towers and a large hill fort.


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Clay Shooting

Clay Shooting on the Isle of Skye

The ultimate target sport, where you’re target is flying through the air! Once fitted with your gun and some safety equipment your instructor will guide you through the basics and have you breaking your first clay. Once you have felt the thrill you will be hooked!

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